Growing a business is hard work. Your social media and content strategy shouldn’t have to be.

Hey there, I’m Lizzie, the founder and designer behind Kinship Content, a boutique social media and content agency that works with impactful brands in the natural food, lifestyle, and outdoor industries. Kinship was founded with a deep desire to help value-driven brands grow their community of loyal customers who stay with them for life. You want to build an unforgettable brand, community, and loyal repeat customers? We’ll help get you there.

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At Kinship, we’re storytellers and creatives, analytical in nature and strategic in thought.

We believe social media is about telling your unique story to the audience that needs to hear it most.

We believe social media is a unique combination of creativity and strategy, with analytics to back it all up.

We also believe the difference between a good brand and a great brand on social media is the solid community you build around it.

When you work with us, we will start with the why behind your business. We will get to know your story, brand values, and tone, which will be the backbone of your overall social media strategy. We will also become not only your client, but also a friend. We pride ourselves in working with brands and businesses we align with, so chances are when we are working with you, we will have more to chat about than just social!

Photos by Tiffiny Costello